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Episode 24: Brightening up the holidays

Released December 1, 2021

Abbie Krause the  Executive Director of the Pueblo Zoo talks with Dave about all things ElectriCritters

You can come and enjoy holiday lights at the zoo starting now until Dec. 26 with the exception of Christmas and Christmas Eve.  All the light displays are original and made especially for Pueblo Zoo exhibits.  They try to move things around and add something new every year so even if you have been to  ElectriCritters before you’ll definitely see something new when you come back!

Tickets are $9 for adults and $7  for kids, tots 3 and under are FREE; however if you’re a member of the zoo you get $2 off your ticket price. 
ElectriCritters runs Friday – Sunday from Nov 26 – Dec 12 and then it’s open Daily starting Dec 17 – 23 & 26.  Of course it’s has to be dark to enjoy the spectacular lights, so it starts at 5:30  p.m. with last admission at 8 p.m.   

Tuesday December 14 is sensory friendly night. It’s an evening at ElectriCritters designed for guests with sensory sensitivities and their families. This means smaller crowds, softer music, less blinking lights, and fellow sensory supportive community members.

Santa Claus himself will be at the Pueblo Zoo  on December 19, 20, & 21 from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Bring your camera and head to the Santa Selfie Station!

Tap here to get tickets and learn more.

Episode 23: Improving your commute

November 4, 2021

CDOT’s Michelle Puellen joins Pueblo’s Podcast once again to talk about a whole slew of projects. Mainly the Highway 50 & Purcell interchange, but she also discusses the Gap Project between Monument and Castle Rock and the stretch of I-25 from South Academy to Fountain. Puellen said that stretch is a key corridor for commuters and inter-regional travel, as well as critical defense access and haul route for military personnel and equipment travelling between Peterson Air Force Base and Fort Carson. 

Michelle also reminds us how to be safe while driving and tips to prep your car for the winter. Good advice just in time!

She also discusses CDOT’s new road condition and travel planner app. The new COtrip Planner mobile app was designed to meet the growing trend of information on mobile and tablet devices for the traveling public. The COtrip Planner app provides statewide, real-time traffic information, and works on smartphones and tablets that operate on iOS and Android platforms. Download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  

Episode 22: Customizing the education experience

Released Sept 25, 2021

In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Gunnison Pagnotta and Alan Van Norman talk about GOAL High School. Education has changed due to the pandemic however GOAL has not. GOAL High School has been doing remote learning for more than a decade.  GOAL High School is a multi-district, charter, blended online school.  Blended online means classes are online but students have the option to come in-person to a drop-in center at any time. The student experience at GOAL is never the same student to student . This model works for students who travel to compete in rodeo events, teen parents, athletes, students with social anxiety and every where in between.  However, each student has access to an academic coach which acts as a mentor.   There are dozens of drop-in centers around the state.  GOAL serves a wide range of student needs from social-emotional to food insecurities; to honors and early college programs.  They are accepting new students for the 2021-2022 school year. You can enroll at or call 877-776-4625.

Enroll now.

Episode 21: Digging up details about the tunnels beneath our feet

Released Sept. 1

Storyteller Gregory Howell sits down with Dave Moore to do just that: Tell fascinating stories about Pueblo and the secret tunnels beneath our feet. Did you know there is a massive network of tunnels — similar to the catacombs — underground in Pueblo?  Gregory Howell gives us the inside look at how these tunnels were used, mainly during prohibition times to smuggle bootlegged goods.  

Howell is currently a Commissioner on the Historic Preservation Commission for the City of Pueblo where he is an advocate for adaptive reuse of historic properties, economic redevelopment and tourism.  He’s so into tourism, he even spitballs an idea on how to open up Pueblo’s underground and turn it into a tourist attraction! Take a deep dive with us and unearth one of Pueblo’s best kept secrets whispering under your shoes.

Also tune in to his series The Dig where he tells incredible stories and broadcasts them live from the historic Backroom at the Senate Bar which is located directly across from City Hall. 

Episode 20: Celebrating the comeback of a family favorite

Released Aug. 1, 2021

Dave Moore and Scott Stoller chat once again. Scott the General Manager of the Colorado State Fair joined us on the Podcast last summer to talk about how the State Fair was downsizing and reimagining the event during the Pandemic. The State Fair is back for 2021! Get ready for 11 days family fun with 60 entertainers, 10,000 exhibits, ad 45 rides. Listen to this month’s podcast to help you plan your visit to the State Fair. The Fair runs August 27 through September 6. There are special discount days throughout the event.

Friday Aug. 27 is Healthcare Heroes Day
Tuesday, Aug. 31 $2 Tuesday
Monday, Sept. 6 Senior Day
Wednesday Sept. 1 One Price Wednesday
>> Tap here to see all the discount days.

Next year will be the 150th Colorado State Fair. 
Also if you’re interested in seeing the behind the scenes, the Fair is hiring and you can get a job at the Fair.  

Episode 19: An Icon Memorialized in Bronze

Released July 1, 2021

During this episode Dave Moore visits the Sarah Shaw Dance studio and chats with studio director Donna Lira. The two will discuss the loss of dance icon Sarah Shaw, how the studio is carrying on in her absence and how the community and city council chose to memorialize her forever. 

A bronze sculpture of Sarah now sits outside Memorial Hall so that as the show goes on, Sarah can still welcome guests to each recital.

The sculpture has a plaque that reads: “Sarah Shaw was a lifetime Puebloan and local dance teacher. Over 56 years thousands of young people, including multiple generations of Pueblo families, were shaped by Sarah’s enduring teachings at her dance studio. Sarah believed that dance came from the heart and could instill lifelong lessons including self-confidence, perseverance, and teamwork in her students.  Most importantly, Sarah taught her students to be kind to all and love their friends. Her legacy lives on in the accomplishments of all those who danced and the kindness they continue to spread to others. Sarah lived her life the same way she ended every class with her motto: FRIENDS FOREVER.

COVID canceled the studio’s Christmas recital but right now dancers are preparing for a performance this summer in Branson, Missouri.  If you have a young one who’d love to learn to dance contact the studio at 719.543.0027.   

Episode 18: A SPECIAL EDITION: Devastation to development, how a catastrophe formed the community we know today

Released June 1

This is a SPECIAL episode that is commemorating a catastrophe in the Pueblo community that forever changed the landscape of the southern Colorado town.

On June 3, 1921,  a cloudburst developed over Pueblo. During a typical cloudburst, over half an inch of rain may fall in a matter of minutes, and that is exactly what happened in Pueblo, according to NOAA. As the torrential rains fell, the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek quickly began to swell, a wall of water reaching over 15-20 feet in some areas before they began to recede. Within two hours the greater part of the business district of downtown Pueblo was flooded with water 10 feet deep, NOAA reports.  Hundreds of people died, with some death toll estimates as high as 1,500. The flood destroyed almost all of the downtown Pueblo area and decimated the city.

In this episode Dave talks with Margo Hatton who is the Marketing Director at the Sangre DeCristo Arts Center and Sam Ebersole, with CSU-Pueblo. Margo gives great insight into how Pueblo recovered and rebounded from the flood.  She discusses how the flood affected arts, business and development of the city; ultimately leading to the formation of the Riverwalk and the community we know today. Ebersole explains more of the flood’s history and how you can watch a documentary he wrote about the flood commemorating 100 years since the tragedy. 

Rocky Mountain PBS will debut a documentary commemorating the flood, on June 3 at 7 p.m.
Tap here to watch the video.

A special thanks to Juan and Deborah Espinoza for sharing “The Flood of 21” song from their production “The Song of Pueblo” for this episode. It was written and composed by Daniel Valdez.

Episode 17: Giving a voice to the voiceless

Released May 1

*Some of this content might be sensitive to some listeners*

Since March 2020, Dave has been conducting podcast interviews over the phone, but for this episode, after receiving both vaccine shots Dave conducted his first in-person interview.

In this episode, Dave Moore is sitting down with Jennifer Chavez with the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.

The Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization where they help children who have experienced abuse or neglect. The goal is to help children feel comfortable, safe and at home while officials conduct an investigation of child abuse. With the inviting atmosphere, hopefully kids can begin to heal and share their voice.

The Child Advocacy Center is having their Blue Cape Breakfast on June 24, 2021. They believe we all have superpowers, whether it’s cooking or teaching or catching the bad guys. Some capes look like scrubs, or a badge, or a piece of chalk. Registration for that event is coming soon. Tap here to donate to the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.

Episode 16: Vaccines bringing hope to the community

Released April 1

In this episode Sarah Joseph with the Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment returns to the podcast to give an update on where we are at this stage in the pandemic. It has been a year almost to the day that Pueblo’s Podcast started the Coronavirus Special Edition to inform the community at the very start of the pandemic, now there are more and more vaccines being distributed and hope is on the horizon. 

However, Sarah did say she continues to urge caution because Pueblo County is still seeing a surge in cases and we should all continue following COVID precautions. 

Sarah and Dave chat about Pueblo’s vaccine status, where you can get your shot and how we move forward from here. 

Episode 15: Puebloans taking action abroad

Released March 1

*Some of the content in this episode might be sensitive to some listeners*

In this episode Dave Moore chats with two sisters who are Pueblo natives and are now thousands of miles away on the island of Saipan. It’s safe to say Aria and Grace Keilbach are Pueblo’s Podcast’s most long-distance guests. Saipan is a very small island — smaller than Pueblo (in square miles) in fact! It’s located in the Pacific Ocean near Guam — think north of Australia and south of Japan! It’s just a tiny dot on the map.

After World War II, countless combat dogs that had been used to sniff out bombs and hiding Japanese, were lost or left behind. Today the descendants of those heroic war dogs are known as boonie dogs, a mix between Bloodhounds, Rottweilers, Labradors, and German Shepards. They roam the island living off any scraps they can find and enduring the harsh rainstorms and blistering heat.

While Aria & Grace have been there, they’ve seen horrible animal abuse and treatment of animals, including starved mama dogs, neglected puppies, and more. Many of the pups have health issues from the neglect, like broken jaws, vision problems and fleas and ticks! Now they’ve dedicated their time — in between their school work — to an organization they founded and named Boonie Babies.

 Aria & Grace are now working to rehome dogs, give them the vet care they need and make a difference in the island. Unfortunately they don’t have a certified vet on the island so many animals die without care. However, a small clinic on the island does what they can, but cannot perform surgeries. The clinic recently faced a hurdle of it’s own. The land was re-zoned by the government, forcing the clinic out. Aria and Grace say they will stay on the island until their work has made a difference. 

Episode 14: Reaching New Heights in Higher Education

Released Feb. 1

Dave Moore visits with Director of Alumni & Community Relations at Colorado State University-Pueblo Tracy Samora. Tracy explains what her jobs entails, and how alumni can get reconnected with their alma mater. Tracy discusses CSU-P’s Alumni Legacy Admissions Program, the Leading the Pack Podcast, and the Distinguished Young Alumni awards. Each year the CSU Pueblo Foundation and Alumni Association announce the Distinguished Young Alumni awards bestowed upon alumni from each college who are under the age of 35. These individuals have enhanced the reputation of the University and their respective colleges through outstanding professional achievement, personal accomplishment, and service to CSU Pueblo and the community. 

For 2020, the awards go to:

  • Garrison M. Ortiz  from the Malik and Seeme Hasan School of Business
  • Kelly McLean from the College of Health, Education and Nursing
  • Shanna M. Farmer from the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Alejandro (Itzam) Marin, MD  from the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Also Tracy & Dave highlight a few CSU-Pueblo alumni and former student-athletes who are currently playing in the NFL!   For more information on the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, contact Tracy Samora, alumni director at 

Episode 13: Ringing in the New Year with an Old Friend

Released Jan 1.

Congratulations we made it through 2020 that means a whole year of Pueblo’s Podcast.
2021 means a brand new season and more great guests, good conversations and grabbing history lessons!

We want to start this year off right and so we brought in a good friend of Dave’s from his radio career: Gina Rose! They worked together on KCCY from about 1995-2001 and then KIQ’N Country from 2010 -2014. Now you can hear Gina’s voice on regional and national tv and radio commercials, video narrations and even jingle vocals and toys as her voice-over career spans more than 25 years. Dave & Gina will share stories about a few country stars, silly memories and challenges of 2020.

2020 Season One Below

Episode 12: Lending a hand up to those in need

Released Dec. 1

*Stay tuned at the end of this episode to hear OUR YEAR IN REVIEW*

For the final episode of 2020 Dave Moore talks with Kathy Cline the Executive Director of the Pueblo Rescue Mission.  This organization is doing a lot to keep people warm, fed and off the streets. The Pueblo Rescue Mission completed their construction in January 2020. Kathy Cline said they’ve been nearly at capacity since they opened. The shelter has already provided about 27,000 nights of shelter. They serve a hot meal every evening. Since they started at the beginning of this year, 30,000 meals have been served. Cline said financial contributions are the most valuable and a check can be sent to PO Box 9167 Pueblo, CO  81008 or you can donate online by tapping here. If you’d like to drop off sleeping bags, blankets, hats, gloves or socks you can bring them to 728 W 4th Street. Pueblo will still be hosting a community dinner for Christmas and are looking to serve 600 people during that time. This year it will be a to-go meal due to COVID-19.  Volunteers are needed to help serve. Call 719-924-8413 or tap here to learn more.

Episode 11: Following up with Public Health

Released Nov. 1, 2020

Dave Moore checks back in with Sarah Joseph with the Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment discussing options as Pueblo is seeing another COVID-19 surge. On Thursday, October 29, Pueblo’s Mayor instituted a city-wide curfew from 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. until November 13. Pueblo was notified by the state, due to their increased COVID numbers, they have to turn things around before they move into Safer-at-home Level 3 which means tighter COVID-19 restrictions. >> Tap here to see the state’s rules according to the COVID dial. Mayor Gradisar hopes that a curfew will slow the spread. Sarah discusses what types of things are attributed to the increased spread and what it means for restaurants, bars, and schools.

*Editors note: This episode was recorded on Oct. 29 and a possible transition to  Safer-at-home Level  3 (Orange) is mentioned. Pueblo moved to that level Nov. 14.*

Episode 10: Exploring Art First Hand

Released Oct. 1, 2020

Dave Moore speaking with Bob Campbell, Events & Marketing Manager of the Sangre De Cristo Arts & Conference Center. Dave & Bob are old friends from their radio days, however  on this episode they will explore all the things to do, see and learn at the Arts Center. The Sangre De Cristo Arts Center first opened in June 1972, they are coming up on their 50th anniversary. During the pandemic, they reopened on April 1 and right now exhibits and events are still able to take place with some COVID-19 limitations. Dave & Bob also talk about their fascination with glass blowing and how you can learn how it works in their current exhibit — the Inspiration Glass Art Show.  You can also celebrate Halloween & Dia de los Muertos with the Arts Center from October 27  to November 7. It’s a week long event of Halloween arts and crafts.  Puebloween itself is on Friday, October 30. This event is free but you do have to reserve a time and a ticket. Call 719-295-7200 or tap here to buy tickets or schedule an event.      

Episode 9: Getting the Inside Scoop on the State of the City

Released Sept. 1, 2020

Pueblo’s first strong mayor in decades, Nick Gradisar, sits down with Dave Moore. The two discuss the city’s plans on recovering from COVID-19, what’s the future of Black Hills Energy and even the Mayor’s favorite ice cream. You’ll also hear the Mayor’s plan to get more people to visit as well as live and work in Pueblo. Mayor Gradisar will also share how he encourages Puebloans to get involved in their city government.   

The following two episodes are part of a special edition:
In the midst of COVID

Special Edition: Business as usual in the midst of COVID-19: GOAL High School

Released Aug. 21, 2020

Pueblo’s Podcast highlights two industries and how they are dealing with COVID-19: entertainment and education. The education system is one of the many industries forced to adapt due to the pandemic. In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Gunnison Pagnotta talk about GOAL High School. As districts all around the country are moving to online and remote method of teaching, GOAL High School has been doing it this way for more than a decade.  GOAL High School is a multi-district, charter, blended online school.  Blended online means classes are online but students have the option to come in-person to a drop-in center at any time.
There are dozens of drop-in centers around the state.  GOAL serves a wide range of student needs from social-emotional to food insecurities; to honors and early college programs.  They are accepting new students for the 2020-2021 school year. Enrollment is open until September 29th at: or call 877-776-4625. Enroll now.

Special Edition: Back to basics in the midst of COVID-19: Colorado State Fair

Released Aug. 14, 2020

In this special edition we are focusing on ENTERTAINMENT. The entertainment industry one of the many industries impacted by the pandemic. In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Scott Stoller outline the changes to the Colorado State Fair. They’ll explain how people can participate in the fair virtually, the secrets that will be revealed each weekend, and even how you can STILL satisfy that fair food craving. Many of you know Pueblo is the spiritual home of the slopper. This local delicacy features a cheeseburger lovingly smothered—slopped, really—in delicious green chili. The World Slopper Eating Championship returns to Major League Eating’s 2020 slate of sanctioned events at the Colorado State Fair on Sept 5th. Last year’s championship, Darron Breeden broke a WORLD record eating about 28 sloppers in eight minutes.

Learn more about this year’s fair on their website.

Episode 8: Performing Pueblo’s History through Song

Released August 1, 2020

Juan and Deborah Espinoza — architects of the song of Pueblo — walk Dave Moore through Pueblo’s history dating back 300 years. The song of Pueblo is more than just a song, it’s an anthology of performances of different genres. This episode presents parts of the performance giving you an immersive history lesson you won’t want to miss. From the Ludlow Massacre, to The Great Flood of 1921, to the beginning of the Pueblo Chieftain; you will feel like you were there!! The usual performance is about two hours long; so this condensed version gives you the history behind the songs. It is definitely worth your time. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, performances have been put on hold, but check back on their website for shows in 2021.

Episode 7: Splashing the Town with Color

Released July 1, 2020

Dave Moore, Jenn de Groot and Matte Refic give you a behind-the-scenes look at the murals of Pueblo. Both are artists who started very young. Though their lives have crossed paths, on this podcast is the first time they are speaking. de Groot a CSU-Pueblo alum has a company called Jaybird Designs.  Refic has painted hundreds of murals throughout the streets of Pueblo. Probably the most recognized one: the wall of the Sangre De Cristo Arts & Conference Center and possibly the least-known piece, but the most powerful one, sits inside the Supermax Prison in Florence.  They discuss their careers as well as the future of the Arkansas River Levee project.  See Pueblo through the eyes of a street artist.  

Episode 6: Giving students confidence in the classroom

Released June 1, 2020

Dave Moore asks you to lend a hand to the Assistance League of Pueblo along with Madeline Murray and Pat Klomp. It’s an organization run completely by volunteers.  Their main program is Operation School BellIt provides clothes for kids in K-8th grades who wouldn’t normally have new clothes to start the school year, giving them more confidence in the classroom. They receive funding through events like the Dillard’s Holiday Fashion Preview & Luncheon. Also, their thrift store, the Bargin Box is open year-round. The Assistance League of Pueblo is always in need of volunteers and your financial help. Call (719) 544-1528 or learn more here.

The following three episodes are part of a special edition: Coronavirus in our Community

Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community 3: Supporting Pueblo Marketplace

Released May 1, 2020

This is part three of our Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Garrision Ortiz, joins Dave Moore on the podcast!
They are discussing a new online marketing for small  businesses during this pandemic.  It is truly a community effort, the Pueblo Convention Center, SRDA, the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment all coming together to make sure Pueblo businesses continue to thrive.   Find out how your businesses can sign up or how you can support at

Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community 2: PAWS for life

Released April 24, 2020

This is part two of our Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community Dave Moore chats with Kelly Ramos with PAWS for Life — an animal shelter in town. They discuss how their role has changed during the pandemic and how although they usually reach out to the community for help, they are lending a hand to those in need.  If you need free pet food you can stop by, find out when at or call 543-6464. 

Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community 1: Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment

Released April 17 , 2020

This is part one of our Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community Dave Moore has a conversation with Sarah Joseph with the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment.  She talks about best practices to keep you and your family safe as well as gives insights as to when our community might be bouncing back.  If you have more questions head to the PDPHE website or call Pueblo’s COVID-19 Hotline at 583-4444. 

Episode 5: Reimaging Colorado’s Mineral Palace

Released April 1, 2020

Dave Moore and Paulette Stuart take a trip back in time when Mineral Palace was a building not just a park. That’s right! There used to be an actual palace there. The building took a while to design and build, but once it was finally complete it was celebrated with a 4-hour parade through town and a picnic for thousands.  However, the celebration didn’t come without consternation between the North and South side.  

Episode 4: Illuminating Pueblo’s past through neon art

Released March 1, 2020

Works of art that look better in the dark.  Dave Moore and Joe Koncilla from Koncilja And Koncilja law firm shedding some light on a local landmark.  As Joe explains how he got the bright idea for Neon Alley and how decades later he keeps it shining. Joe calls it “the greatest assembly of neon art west of Time Square and east of the Las Vegas Strip.” 
Joe & Dave will illuminate Pueblo’s past as they share a few stories behind some of the signs. You can check it out near the intersection of Union Avenue and B Street in downtown Pueblo or at

Episode 3: Celebrating as Pueblo turns 150

**PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded before the COVID-19 Pandemic.**

Released Feb. 1, 2020

Dave Moore is joining the Pueblo Downtown Association’s Mike Carlisle as they plan a variety of celebrations as Pueblo turns 150. Mike & Dave chat about how multiple organizations around town will be hosting celebratory events, offering one-of-a-kind discounts, and selling unique merchandise all in honor of Pueblo’s 150th birthday. Pueblo was incorporated in 1870, at the confluence of the Arkansas and Fountain Rivers, even before Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876. The association encourages any other businesses to host a tribute and share it with the community.

Episode 2: Traveling through town with CDOT

Released Jan. 15, 2020

Dave Moore is talking travel through town with CDOT. Michelle Peulen & Dave discuss road projects around town and talk about unexpected bumps in the road that are more than just potholes. (Hint: They are alive!) This episode gives you a look ahead at Pueblo’s highway projects and how CDOT plans to update a road with a decades-old expiration date.

Episode 1: Kicking it off

Released Jan. 1, 2020

Dad & daughter duo break the ice in the debut episode. Carly Moore introduces you to the host of the podcast, her dad Dave Moore in a kicking it off episode format so you can get to know the host better. Future episodes will be in an interview format learning more about people and places in Pueblo. 

See More Episodes on the Archive Page

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